Jana Plananska Mobility Solutions GmbH

Expertise in Electric and Smart Mobility


Electric mobility and battery technology

Consumer adoption of electric vehicles and charging services
Battery technologies - Li-ion, Flow
EU policy environment - sustainable mobility, critical raw materials and battery value chains
Cultural, affective and symbolic aspects of EV adoption

Critical raw material value chains

Critical raw materials needed for energy and digital transition
Sustainability, stability and safety of critical raw material supply and value chains
EU and global policy developments - EU CRM Act, IRA etc.

Shared, autonomous mobility and digitalisation

Public acceptance of autonomous vehicles and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) - concepts and solutions
Sector coupling - bi-directional charging, grid and storage solutions
Sustainable urban and conference mobility concepts - combination of active, public and on-demand, shared transport

Dr. Jana Plananska


CEO and Founder, Expert in Electric and Smart Mobility

Dr. in Philosophy of Management, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. Doctoral Thesis on Consumer Adoption of Electric Vehicles.

Expertise in green and digital transition, focusing on the mobility sector - sustainable critical raw materials and battery value chains, battery technology - market analysis and technological developments, consumer adoption of electric vehicles and smart mobility solutions (autonomous mobility, bi-directional charging), shared mobility concepts - urban and conference mobility.

Experience in project management for clean transport and renewable energy transition from academia and practice with relevant stakeholders in the field.

Czech native with experience from a plurality of international and institutional settings and capacity to communicate in six languages.

Passionate about sustainable transport, energy and digital transitions to which I aim to contribute!


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Project management

Clean transport and renewable energy
Autonomous driving and digitalisation
Project life-cycle management

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