Academic Work

Academic Publications

Plananska, J., Wüstenhagen, R., & de Bellis, E. (2023). Perceived lack of masculinity as a barrier to adoption of electric cars? An empirical investigation of gender associations with low-carbon vehicles. Travel Behaviour and Society, 32, 100593.

Chng, S., Plananska, J., & Cheah, L. (2023). Comparison of travel attitude study methods using online tools: The case of understanding public acceptance of autonomous vehicles. Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 20, 100847.

Plananska, J., & Gamma, K. (2022). Product bundling for accelerating electric vehicle adoption: A mixed-method empirical analysis of Swiss customers. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 154, 111760.

Plananska, J. (2021). Consumer Adoption of Electric Vehicles. Doctoral Thesis, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland. 

Plananska, J. (2020). Touchpoints for electric mobility: Investigating the purchase process for promoting sales of electric vehicles in Switzerland. Energy Research & Social Science, 69, 101745. 

Plananska, J. (2020). Tailoring climate change communication to female target groups - an experimental analysis of voting and consumer behavior in SwitzerlandUC Berkeley: Behavior, Energy and Climate Change Conference.

Baptista, I., & Plananska, J. (2017). The landscape of energy initiatives in sub-Saharan Africa: Going for systemic change or reinforcing the status quo?. Energy Policy, 110, 1-8.

Perrin, G., Plananska, J., Scouarnec, M., & Soucail, D. (2015). Apprenons de nos erreurs! Guide pratique de l'échec dans les projets d'accès aux services essentiels dans les villes du Sud. Réseau Projection. November 2015, 1-48.

Conference Presentations

Plananska, J. (2023). Sustainable urban mobility: Challenges, opportunities, and citizen-centric perspective. Smart Citizen Congress, December 2023, Valencia, Spain.
Plananska, J. (2023). Securing strategic and stable access to sustainably sourced critical raw materials - Achieving responsible and sustainable critical raw material value chain in Europe. Presentation and panel discussion. EIT Raw Materials Expert Forum - Responsible Sourcing Driving Sustainable Change, December 2023, Prague, Czech Republic.
Plananska, J. (2023). Steht Automotive im Südwesten vor dem Aus? . Panel discussion, Bodensee Business Forum, September 2023, Friedrichshafen, Germany.
Plananska, J. (2023). Kundenakzeptanz von V2X. Presentation and panel discussion, Innovationsforum Mobility, June 2023, Zürich - Rüschlikon, Switzerland.

Plananska, J. (2023). Security of supply in the materials supply chain for the vanadium flow battery industry. International Flow Battery Forum, June 2023, Prague, Czech Republic.
Plananska, J. (2023). Critical Raw Materials Value Chain Stability, Security and Sustainability - The Contribution of the Private Sector. UNECE Resource Management Week 2023, April 2023, Geneva, Switzerland.
Plananska, J. (2023). Raw material security for strategic autonomy: Can we avoid another dependency?  Panelist, CEPS Ideas Lab, February 2023, Brussels, Belgium.
Chng, S., Plananska, J., Cheah, L. (2022). Comparison of travel attitude study methods using online tools: The case of understanding public acceptance of autonomous vehicles
. Paper Presentation, Panel: Emerging Research. Bridging Transportation Research (BTR) Conference, August 2022.

Plananska, J., Wüstenhagen, R., & de Bellis, E. (2021). What Drives Consumer Adoption of Electric Vehicles? A Country-Level Analysis and an Implicit Association Test of Gender Perceptions with Electric Vehicles. Competitive Paper, Roundtable Discussion Panel 10.3: Gender and Underrepresented Consumers. Association for Consumer Research Conference (ACR) 2021; Seattle, USA. 

Plananska, J. (2020). Polarized and Motivated? Using the Credibility of Social Norms and their Relation to Pre-Existing Attitudes to Increase EV Customer Acceptance in Switzerland. Oral presentation, Session 5A - Electric Vehicles for All, Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference (BECC) 2020; Washington D.C., USA.

Plananska, J. (2020). Touchpoints for e-mobility: Understanding the vehicle purchase process to promote EV sales in Switzerland. Podium presentationScientific and Technical Session 2 – Zero emission mobility; Transport Research Arena (TRA) 2020; Helsinki, Finland.

Plananska, J. (2019). Touchpoints for e-mobility: Vehicle Purchase Process Understanding for a More Efficient Promotion of Electric VehiclesOral presentation, Session International Perspectives on Electric Vehicle Markets; Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference (BECC) 2019; Sacramento, California, USA.

Plananska, J. (2018). From Communication to Action - How to communicate to motivate women to act pro-environmentally?. Poster Presentation; Behavior, Energy & Climate Change Conference (BECC) 2018; Washington, D.C. USA.

Plananska, J. (2018). Tailoring Climate Change Communication To Female Target Groups – An Experimental Analysis of Voting and Consumer Behaviour in Switzerland. Oral presentation at the Panel at the Behave 2018 Conference – European Conference on Behaviour and Energy Efficiency; Zurich, Switzerland.

Executive Education and Guest Lectures

Batterien und kritische Rohstoffe - Nachhaltigkeit entlang der gesamten Lieferkette. Expert lecture at Networking Event UBS, Wolfsberg - Ermatingen, Switzerland, August 2023.

Sustainable Consumer Behaviour for Sustainable Aviation - Insights from Research and Practice. Sustainable Aviation Management, Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS-SAM), University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, 2022. 

Sustainable battery value chain - Status quo, challenges and solutions. The Political Economy of the Car, Contextual Studies - Master Course, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, 2022.

Consumer as a key to sustainable travel? - Insights from nudging theory and practice. Overcoming Carbon Lock-In: Towards climate-friendly international travel, Contextual Studies - Master Course, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, 2022.

Social Acceptance of Renewable Energies & Electric Mobility. Governing Energy Transitions, Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS-HSG), University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, 2021. 

Drivers and Barriers of Electric Vehicle Adoption - Customer-Centric Perspectives. The Political Economy of the Car,, Contextual Studies - Master Course, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, 2021.

Nudging to promote electric mobility. Managing Climate Solutions (MaCS), Master Certificate, University of St.Gallen, Switzerland, 2020.

(Selected Work)